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We are excited to present below our Fall 2022 Course Catalog of on-site and remote classes. This fall we are offering 28 courses, most of which meet weekly for 90 minutes. Most courses will meet online via Zoom; but 8 courses will meet on-site at the Church of Reconciliation, at least in part.

We are offering a rich array of discussion-based courses including some incorporating professional video lectures from Great Courses. Here is a quick look at the course schedule which you can DOWNLOAD:


The full catalog is shown below (which you may also DOWNLOAD), but first here are some important notes:

REGISTRATION: This year, you will be able to register in either of two ways:

1) use the 2-page mail-in Registration Form included in the catalog (print, fill out, and mail with a check for your 2022-2023 academic year’s membership)


2) complete the ON-LINE REGISTRATION FORM and pay by credit-card. (There is NO extra charge for credit card payments.)

There are advantages of each method: With paper registration, you can use one Registration Form for two people and pay by check. With the on-line form, you get immediate confirmation and a copy of the form you completed including your personal course schedule–but each person in a couple needs to complete a separate form and make a separate credit card payment.

Eleven of the courses have a class size limit. The limit is noted in the course’s catalog description. Once the limit has been reached, the course will be marked “WAIT LIST ONLY” on the mail-in and on-line registration forms.  If you use the mail-in registration option, be sure to check the Wait List Only list below before mailing in your Registration Form. That way, you can be more assured that the classes that you are planning to enroll in are still available. Our deadline is September 2nd for receiving a paid on-line registration or a mailed-in registration form.


Reading & Discussing Great Short Stories – Wednesdays, 9:15

Comparative Film Analysis – Thursdays, 11:15

Art Meets Literature – Fridays, 11:15


If you are signing up for an on-site class you must affirm that you are CoVid-fully-vaccinated with at least one booster.

Below is the FULL CATALOG for viewing. DOWNLOAD IT HERE. Or, if you prefer, you can download just the mail-in REGISTRATION PAGE.


Note that there had been an error on the mail-in registration form for the day of the week that “Another Classic Read” is being offered.  It is Tuesdays, not Thursdays.  It is correct on the Schedule page and in the Course Descriptions, and has been corrected now on the Mail-In Registration Form.

If you are using the mail-in registration option but don’t have a printer, you can write on a piece of paper your answers to the questions on the registration pages, including your vaccination status and which classes you want to take and mail it with your membership fee.

Finally, be careful that you don’t select a Zoom class for one period and an on-site class during the other period on the same day--unless you plan to speed to or from home in the half-hour between classes.

We look forward to your joining us at Shared Learning this fall.