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Several times each academic year, Shared Learning presents experts from academia, journalism, and other professions who give talks geared towards a literate adult audience. These are free and open to the public and are scheduled for Fridays at 11:15 a.m.

The first lecture for 2024 will be a special one.  The lecture series has long been named for Prof. Gray Lindgren, a former president of Shared Learning and UNC Professor.  Now, in recognition of his more-than-decade-long leadership of the Lindgren Lecture Committee, the Shared Learning Board has decided to rename the public lecture series in honor of Meyer Liberman.  The inaugural lecture of the Liberman Public Lecture Series will be given on…

February 9, 2024, at 11:15 a.m. by Prof. Walter Wolfram, William C. Friday Distinguished University Professor at NC State University.  Prof. Wolfram will speak on “Treasures of North Carolina Dialects: A Linguistic Legacy.”  He will speak about regional, social and ethnic differences in English language usage across different areas and groups of our state.  More information about the talk and our speaker is HERE.  Registration is required.  You may register at this link.

Future presentations for the remainder of the 2023-2024 academic year are in preparation.  Return to this page for details as they become known.

Presentations from previous years —

March 3, 2023: Prof. William J. Evans, Division of Geriatrics, Duke University Medical Center and Department of Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology, University of California, Berkeley: Biomarkers: The Determinants of Aging That You Can Control.

February 3, 2023: Prof. Neil S. Siegel, the David W. Ichel Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science at Duke Law School, “Sustaining the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court.”

January 13, 2023:  Prof. Klaus Larres, Richard M. Krasno Distinguished Professor of History and Political Science, UNC:What to do about Beijing?  China as a Cause of Transatlantic Tension and Global Concern

December 2, 2022: Prof. Rongmon Bordoloi, NC State University: “How the Webb Space Telescope Ushers in a New Era of Space Exploration

October 7, 2022: Dr. Steven A. Grant, U.S. Information Agency (retired), an expert on modern Russian history.  His talk is titled “Dueling Russias: Understanding Today’s Headlines on the War in Ukraine.”

Other recent Lecturers included:  Mark Hetherington, speaking on “Why We Can’t Just Get Along: The Partisan Divide in a Period of Intense Polarization”; Prof., Jonathan Oberlander, “Unfinished Journey: Health Care Reform in the Biden Administration and Beyond”; Prof. Klaus Larres, “Uncertain Allies: The U.S. and the Threat of a United Europe”; Prof. Brian Strahl, “Epigenetics and the Histone Code or Things Mom Didn’t Have to Teach Me”; Katie Ziglar, Director of the Ackland Art Museum, “Behind the Scenes at the Ackland”; Nancy MacLean, Professor of History and Public Policy at Duke, “Democracy in Chains”; Jason West, Professor of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, UNC, “Global Climate Change: What it Is, Why it Matters, and What We Should Do About It”; Paul Cuadros, Assoc. Prof. of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC, “Immigration: A Perspective of Multi-generational Hispanics in Siler City.”