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Four to five times each academic year, Shared Learning presents experts from academia, journalism, and other professions who give talks geared towards a literate adult audience. These are free and open to the public and are scheduled for Fridays at 11:15 a.m.  The schedule for the current year is nearly complete and includes:

Coming Next: February 25th at 11:15 a.m. (via Zoom): “Unfinished Journey: Health Care Reform in the Biden Administration and Beyond” to be give by Professor Jonathan Oberlander, Chair of the Department of Social Medicine and Professor of Health Policy and Management, UNC Chapel Hill.  For the Zoom link, reply using the tab above that says “Email List: Add Me.”

Coming in March: TBA


January 28th via Zoom: Professor Klaus Larres, Distinguished Professor of History & International Affairs at UNC Chapel Hill.  Dr. Larres spoke on “Uncertain Allies: The U.S. and the Threat of a United Europe.”

October 22nd via Zoom on “Epigenetics and the Histone Code or ‘Things Mom Didn’t Have to Teach Me.'” with Professor Brian Strahl, Dept. of Biochemistry & Biophysics, UNC School of Medicine

Previous speakers and topics have included Katie Ziglar, Director of the Ackland Art Museum speaking on Behind the Scenes at the Ackland; Nancy MacLean, Professor of History and Public Policy at Duke, speaking on Democracy in Chains; Jason West, Professor of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, UNC, speaking on Global Climate Change: What it Is, Why it Matters, and What We Should Do About It; Paul Cuadros, Assoc. Prof. of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC and author of “A Home on the Field” speaking on Immigration: A Perspective of Multi-generational Hispanics in Siler City.

Other previous speakers include many other UNC and Duke faculty including Eric Meyers, Gerhard Weinberg, Jonathan Weiler; William Ferris; Daniel Ariely; Gene Nichol; William Leuchtenberg; Richard Kohn; Klaus Steiner and James Stimson.