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[Tuesdays, 11:15-12:45]

Note from the Moderator, Raleigh Mann

Arthur Miller exquisitely exposes the power of love and its inevitable conflicts in his drama “All My Sons,” which he wrote shortly after the end of World War II. I have just finished reading it again and as before, it has left me deeply moved. Our play-reading group will begin the fall semester by exploring this powerful play to be followed by selected portions of “Death of a Salesman” and “The Crucible” plus other selections as time allows. As in previous semesters, we also will have the opportunity between readings to enjoy watching performances of some of these works on dvd.

As we read plays this semester, I will encourage us occasionally to pause to discuss and analyze the material we have been bringing to life.

To prepare, let’s reacquaint ourselves with playwright Arthur Miller by reading one of the several biographies of him available online. Here are links to two good versions:

Looking forward to seeing you on Sept. 10, Raleigh

Note from the Co-Moderator, Marsha Back on the text to purchase:

There are two published collections of Arthur Miller plays that can be purchased new or used, hard cover or paperback, depending on your interest in Miller’s works and your desire to participate in one or both semesters of Play Reading class.

The Penguin/Random House collection covers all the plays we’ll read for both semesters and is probably the most economical purchase.

The Library of America collection can be purchased in single volumes or as a complete three-volume collection. Volume I will cover the Fall 2019 selections and Volume II will cover the Winter 2020 selections. There is a Volume III but we don’t plan to read from it this year.

Look on the usual websites: Thriftbooks, Alibris, or Amazon to purchase the books new or used. It can be ordered new through local independent bookshops.

If you have questions please email me: Looking forward to seeing everyone for our first class on Tuesday, September 10 at 11:15am. Marsha