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[Mondays, 9:30-11]

On the first day of class (Sept. 9th), we will view a talk given by the book’s author, Francis Fukuyama, to the Foreign Policy Association. It’s very clear and gives a good introduction to the book. You’re welcome to come to that class and then decide if you want to take the course.

Because the book is quite long, we will read and discuss a subset of the chapters. In particular, we’ll do the intro. & chapters 1-3, 8-13, 15, 18, 22, 24, 27-28, 30-36, and the short Afterword in the softcover edition. This averages to about 30 pages per week.

Anyone who would like to lead a week’s discussion is welcome to do so; otherwise, I’ll lead it. The discussion will focus primarily on the historical and analytic content of the material, and secondarily on how it applies to current domestic politics and national political cultures.

Notes about purchasing the book: You should purchase it so that you will be able to read the first assignment by the 2nd week of class, Sept. 16th.

On the Amazon website, only the softcover edition and the Kindle edition are listed (and on my page they are within the listing for the Audible audiobook edition so they’re hard to find). Amazon new book price for the softcover is $11.98 plus shipping. The print in the softcover edition, though, is fairly small so you might want to get a copy of the hardcover edition in “very good” or better condition.

The best deals on the hardcover edition are through Currently, two copies in “very good” condition for $4.35 including shipping, and a couple more at $6.50-$7.50. Amazon also lists some used hardcover copies for sale, in varying condition and price. If you click on the small word “hardcover” in the Audible entry for the book, you will see lists of “new” and “used” copies. For both of these sites, availability of used copies changes from day-to-day of course. Except for Amazon Prime, you might have to wait one to two weeks for delivery.