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Note: For CURRENT MEMBERS who have already paid your yearly dues of $60 per person during Fall, 2017, there is no need to complete or mail this form. Instead, complete the on-line form at OR send an email that lists your course choices to


NEW MEMBERS who have never been part of Shared Learning. Complete and return this page to Hank Becker, 1114 Phils Ridge Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. If part of a couple, remember to indicate who is taking which course…no limit on the number of courses. Include a check payable to Shared Learning Association for an ‘introductory membership’ fee of $30.00 per person.

AND For RETURNING Shared Learning MEMBERS who have not paid 2017-2018 dues. Your fee for the 2017-18 year is $60.00 per person with no limit on # of courses. If part of a couple, indicate who is taking which course. Complete and return this page to the same address as above.

Circle your choices in the table below. Use initials to indicate who is taking which course. If you have questions about your choice(s), please contact the Moderator(s) directly.

1) Book Club 9) The Holy Land Revealed 17) Personal History
2) Controversies: America’s Economic Challenges
10) How the Earth Works 18) Science and Religion
3) Early Classic Brit. Literature 11) How To Draw III 19) Selected Play Readings, Discussions
4) Experiencing Medieval Europe 12) Human Geography: Social, Cultural, Political Economic 20) Short Stories
5) Geologic Wonders in U.S. Parks 13) The Louvre 21) Spanish, Intermediate
6) Great Decisions 14) Memory and the Human Lifespan 22) Spiritual Brain: Science and Religious Experience
7) History & Nature of the Universe 15) Modern American Essays 23) Views on the News
8) History of Spain 16) The Movie Experience 24) What Does It Mean To Be Human?


Which of these special programs (for which registration is not needed) are you possibly interested in attending? (circle your choices)

A) Lindgren Lectures C) Controversies Book Group
B) Let’s Go To the Movies D) Use & Mastery of the New Website


MEMBER INFORMATION (for one or two people): Current members need only indicate any changes to your email, phone numbers, or home address—and your name(s)! Consider moderating a course. Help available!

Name (1) __________________________________________

Name (2) __________________________________________

E-mail (1) _________________________________

E-mail (2), if different ________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________________________

Phone (home) ___________________________

Phone (person 1-cell} _______________________________

Phone (person 2-cell) _______________________________

Could you serve as a Course Moderator? Yes__ Maybe __

What subject area would you like to moderate?: _________________________________________