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Senior Citizens have a need to continue their intellectual growth. Many also require opportunities for social interaction. We recognize that as we age and the world around us changes we need to retain flexibility regarding how we teach, learn and socialize.


Shared Learning Association of Chapel Hill provides noncredit, continuing education courses at low cost in a socially congenial atmosphere for retirees and other adults. Our focus is on creating a shared process of learning. Though all courses are developed and led by volunteer members, attendees add to the educational process by asking questions and contributing their own perspectives and knowledge.

Shared Learning seeks to achieve this mission though these Current Practices:

Shared Learning is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our Board of Directors and course moderators are located in and near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Our membership is largely local but now includes members from out of other states and Europe. Since 1997, we have met in churches in the Chapel Hill Area but now also offer virtual courses. Our all-volunteer platform allows us to offer a rich offering of courses over three terms at a low annual membership fee. Courses are led by moderators who lead discussions based on a variety of video sources, moderator originated materials, or make use of local resources to add to the classroom experience.

Founded in 1979, Shared Learning started as an  informal association of senior and other adults in the Chapel Hill area who are enthusiastic about continuing to learn throughout  their lives.  It is currently a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. There is no pressure and no grades, with classes giving in  in an informal and social setting. To that end, the association organizes weekday morning courses.  Each meets once a week for 90 minutes (usually with a break for refreshments).  Starting In Fall 2021, we began offering in-person  courses at the Church of Reconciliation, 110 N. Elliott Rd.   On-line courses meet via Zoom video conferencing. Many are recorded.  Some courses use  combine on-site and  Zoom participation.
For a membership fee of $70 (in 2023) you can take as many courses  as you wish in all three semesters from our rich and varied curriculum.  We offer Fall and Winter semesters, and a mini-term in Spring.  (The Spring mini-term is also open, without charge, to non-members.)  Members of the association moderate (lead) the courses.  Moderators may or may not be “experts” in the topic but are willing to organize learning activities  for the duration of the semester.  Class sessions are composed of combinations of video sources, including  DVD lectures by experts, presentation materials generated by the moderators,  and open class discussions.

If this appeals to you, we urge you to examine the pages on this website or to contact us.   Also, consult the general information menu at the top of the page.